Environmental study

Mongolian environmental research and analysis will be conducted on a professional basis and with the latest tools.

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Land managment and geodetic measurement and mapping

We have many experienced and experienced technicians with land management and geodetic measurement and mapping services.

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The organization manages all kinds of goods quickly and quickly.

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Environmental study

Our company has an environmental baseline study of all projects, such as mining, infrastructure, services and agriculture, with expert information and tools for expert assessment of EIAs.

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Land management and geodesy mapping

Approximately 20 workshops on land management, land characteristics and qualitative reviews have been submitted to the mining companies and tourist camps since 2010 and have been submitted to the employers by the relevant government agencies.

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Reclamation and training, advise

The company's specialists are involved in reclamation activities with domestic and foreign investment companies, from soil stripping to technical and biological reclamation and environmental and ecological training and advice.

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Geographic Information system (GIS)

Provides all kinds of topical thematic maps in the field of sensory and geographic information systems that are widely used in the field of natural sciences, which are widely used in the field of natural sciences and provide theoretical and practical training and counseling services for theoretical and practical geographic information systems.



Billiton Glory was established in 2010 and started its operations in foreign and domestic trade and import. Currently, we have partnered with more than 30 reputable companies in 10 countries and supply more than 1000 products of these companies to the domestic market.

Construction materials

Factory equipment and spare parts

Safety clothing and tools

Office item and materials

Chemical products and materials

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Construction drawing and projects

In terms of infrastructure and any constructions, engineering, planning, and structural designs are essential and are the basis data for the constructs.

Civil construction

At the request of the procuring entity, the construction of all types of single or double-occupied buildings will be completed.

Steel construction and sandwich construction

Construction sandwich buildings and other installations for warehousing and other purposes.


Canadian wooden house

We will build a Canadian wooden house that will be faster and cheaper than the market price.

Decorative and interior, exterior

Our specialized team will provide you with high quality satisfaction, as well as the interior and exterior decoration, interior and exterior work.

Landscape and exterior decoration

Completion of outdoor and corporate facilities, tree planting and greening should be done promptly and efficiently.



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